Why do urinary stones form ?

  • Workschedule like busy professionals, students drinking less water
  • Workplace - hot,humid,tropical areas like Indian subcontinent especially the hilly areas
  • Chronic diseases or infections leading to diarrhea or vomiting and thus decreasing water content of body
  • Congenital or metabolic abnormalities like gout
  • High intake of calcium or oxalate rich food .

How can we prevent urinary stone formation?

  • Adequate liquid intake helps(approx 3-4 litre in summer and 2-3 litres in winter). Liquids need not be inform of water alone, can be fruit juices, squashes, coconut water,etc.
  • Glass of lemonade (Nimbu paani) daily helps,owing to its high citrate content.
  • To avoid food rich in purines like non veg especially the red meat , decreasing salt intake, restricting milk intake to 2-3 glasses per day and other milk products.

Does drinking beer help in urinary stone expulsion?

Very intresting question. It is a myth that drinking beer helps stone expulsion, in fact it contains high content of oxalate and uric acid which further promotes stone formation.

Does homeopathy provide better treatment for urinary stones ?

For small stones 4-6 mm in size, especially the lower ureteric stones medical treatment is the preferred treatment . This size stone would naturally be removed whether you take homeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy, siddha or unnani treatment. So for small stones you can take any treatment but stones which are larger or causing kidney changes or recurrent stones definitely requires evaluation by a urologist.