What is this prostate gland which requires treatment ?

Prostate gland is a chestnut shaped organ found exclusively in males. It is found below the urinary bladder and encircles the urinary passage i.e. urethra, circumferentially. Obviously when enlarged it compresses the urethra, producing urinary symtoms like decreased urinary flow, sensation of incomplete passage of urine, frequent urination especially in the night and so on.

I am 48 yrs old and my ultrasound shows 34 gm prostate , is it enlarged and requires treatment ?

It is a myth that enlarged prostate requires treatment. According to American Urological Association (AUA) guidelines, size does not matter . Be it 34 gm or be it 150 gm , only when clinical symptoms dueto enlarged prostate appear, then it requires intervention â€" medical or surgical.

My father has had a paralysis attack of one half of the body 2 years back and his urine is continuously leaking. His ultrasound reveals enlarged prostate . Does it require surgery ?

No! Apparently your father is suffering from a medical condition known as neurogenic bladder. Here the problem is in the urinary bladder rather than the prostate. Bladder control through the higher centres in brain is impaired so it starts contracting on its own, thus leading to frequent urination.

How is this laser prostate surgery better?

Prostate surgery by lasers is the current gold standard. No blood loss or blood less surgery, besides large gland can be easily operated and even hospitalisation time is significantly reduced. It is the only technique through which actually the whole of the prostate gland can be removed .

Is prostate cancer dangerous?

As the name suggests any cancer is significant disease and requires proper and periodic evaluation and treatment. Fortunately, prostate cancer is one of the few cancers of the body which does not progress rapidly. In other words patient can expect a prolonged life span, obviously under the guidance and medication of a urologist.