Flexible Ureteroscopy

Flexible Ureteroscopes

Olympus Flexible Fiberoptic Ureteroscopes represent the next evolution in flexible fiberoptic ureteroscopy. Olympus fiberoptic ureteroscopes feature exceptional image quality and improved durability for compatibility with popular sterilization methods such as Sterrad NX.

Key Benefits

  • Improved image quality : Olympus fiberoptics provide crystal clear imaging.

  • Enhanced deflection durability : Olympus bending section provide maximum flexibility and durability using passive bending technology that prevents damage while allowing enabling new access to formerly unreachable areas of the kidney.

  • Superior durability : Olympus fiberoptic scopes are designed with durability in mind so that they can withstand the rigors of reprocessing in hydrogen peroxide sterilizers such as Sterrad NX.

Advantages of flexible URS

The advantages of the flexible ureteroscopes are their ability to safely negotiate the angulations of the ureter, and they can access the entire upper collecting system in over 90% of patients with active and secondary passive deflection, and now with secondary active deflection. Because of its extreme manuverability .

  • Its advantageous to be used in :

  • ESWL (lithotripsy) resistant stones.
  • Kidney stones in non dilated pelvicalyceal system where standard PCNL can be dangerous.
  • Inferior calyceal stone.
  • Small stones in kidney which are not visible on x-ray.
  • Radiolucent urteric and renal stones.
  • Renal diverticular stone.
  • Diagnostic modality for suspected papillae/tumor in ureter or kidney.