Holmium Laser

Safe and Precise :

The Holmium laser, which operates at a wavelength of 2.1 microns, is highly absorbed by water and has a shallow penetration depth of approximately 0.4 mm. The shallow penetration depth minimizes the coagulation zone and collateral damage to sensitive surrounding tissue for clean and precise incision and tissue vaporization (also called ablation). Hemostasis is achieved by lasing 2-3 mm away from the tissue (defocusing technique).

Soft Tissue and Stones :

Holmium lasers operate in pulsed mode and generate high pulse peak powers of around 5 kilo watts, which is stronger by order of magnitudes when compared to CW lasers. The high peak power pulses reduce deeper thermal effects and charring which are more prevalent in CW lasers. These pulses can be used for controlled incision or vaporization of the tissue (ablation). In addition, the thermal effect, created by laser energy that is absorbed by the water contained in the stones, as well as the stone composites, can be used to break stones of any size or composition, making our holmium lasers the standard treatment for lithotripsy.

Wide range of applications of lasers in urology

  • Laser enucleation of prostate.
  • Laser fragmentation/ dusting of stones.
  • Laser internal urethrotomy for stricture.
  • Laser fulguration/excision of bladder tumor.