Nishit Mangal

C-527, Saiduulajab,Saket,New Delhi,110330

" I got treated by laser surgery for my ureteric and renal stone . 4 yrs back my sister was operated by Dr Saurabh. It was because of endless faith in him, we knew this time also it had to be Dr Saurabh. Surgery was so smooth , i never got to know when it started and when it finished. Excellent work.

Promila Chaudhary

C-15, Allahabad(UP)

"I had brought my wife to this centre for the removal of kidney stone through PCNL. And we are impressed with the professionalism and competence of AG team. Keep up the good work. "

Dr Sachidanand

Siddhauli, Sitapur(UP)

"It was a pleasure to get treated at the most advanced urological centre of Lucknow. I underwent surgery for enlarged prostate by laser technique. It was really comforting and pleasant experience. Kudos to u all and your team."


112, Sondhi Tola, Chowk- Lucknow (UP)

' i got surgery done for my urethral stricture disease. Dr Saurabh took some tissue from my cheek for urethroplasty surgery. I am highly satisfied by the result. Best part is i don't have to insert a catheter for dilatation, which i had to do when i got operated at KGMU earlier.

Srimati Vaish


'I am a renal failure patient, on dialysis. I had to undergo AV Fistula surgery for dialysis. All other doctors refused or were giving date after date. Dr Saurabh took personal interest, got a Doppler USG and then made fistula the next day itself. I am grateful to him for making my life easier'.


Raymond shop, Aminabad,Lucknow(UP)

' i am a bladder cancer patient .I was operated at SGPGI 4 years back. I had bleeding via urine again this time. Dr Saurabh operated me endoscopically. Best part is , he explained to me in detail how i have to be repeatedly evaluated for my cancer disease. He is always responding when you contact him'.